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Here are excerpts from some complementary emails that were received over the years.


I received the tape today and it looks great.
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your diligence in producing a consistently good-looking, entertaining show – and delivering it on time! (You’d be surprised how often our suppliers fail on at least one of those fronts.) It’s so nice working with real professionals like you. Thank you so much for all of your efforts!
Have a great day!

Donna Larsen
Media Traffic and Quality Control Supervisor
Altitude Sports & Entertainment in Denver, CO
August 2008

Thanks so much. BTW, I dont know if you keep track of kids you’ve produced for in high school that have gone on to play at the collegiate level but Daniel did make the Union College lacrosse team as a freshman.

Maybe that’s another way for you to promote yourself online is by showing which high school prospects under the Psyched About Sports portfolio have gone on to play at the next level. I hope you have managed to get some new business from me as I’ve turned on several families to you.

Henry Chung
Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY
March 2015

I just watched the show and it was fantastic! It captured all the great things about Taekwondo. I will show it to the rest of our staff and we will work with you on promoting it.

Bill Kellick
Director of Communications
USA Taekwondo in Colorado Springs, CO
March 2010

In my wildest dreams, I never expected myself presented in such a beautiful way.
I cried watching it. I will miss the school so much. Thank you for encapsulating all these years, for me to go back when I feel too far away.

Maria Gouras
New York Goju Karate Association in Hastings, NY
May 2011

Paul, you are easily the most talented editor/producer/writer I have worked with. It has been a ton of fun working with you and you are always a true professional. You are like an unstoppable rebel force, taking in tapes and churning out awesome shows time and time again:-) not to mention you can make something out of nothing. All in all I just wanted to thank you again because we couldn’t have done it all without you.

Jay Jalbert
Jalbert Productions International
December 2005

…and just so you know…you don’t ever owe me a thing – you were the most reliably dependable person that I ever worked with…you made it impossible for anyone following your footsteps…and that’s a fact….thanx for that.

Kim Schneider
Editor of Warren Miller ski films
March 2009

Email #1 before football team awards dinner.
Being in charge of the football banquet tonight I figured I wouldn’t really have the opportunity to sit down and view it later, so I watched the highlight video last night of the team, and it was absolutely fantastic!!! Oh my gosh, I am so excited for the team to see it. I loved how you put in the still photos (especially the senior shots at the end) – and your choice of music was great.

Email #2 after football team awards dinner.
The banquet was wonderful and everyone LOVED the video. Not one person left during the entire showing!! Thank you for all that you did, both personally and for the team.
I hope this brings you other clients!!

Deena DelMoro
Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY
November 2009